IMG_9589I would say this lightly but nah, here I am slaying it. The precision in which we diffuse now is some major awesomeness. Therapy is salty like that. Skills, we got skills. But Jesus way is even better.

Good gracious, best description for tackling the week is angry elf. And rightfully so when it comes to one sided communication. But in all honesty, we can all pull a very good rendition of angry elf when provoked.  But if we know caring hearts, we can and will recover from the bite. But seriously, I could have throat punched that umpire if I had let my angry elf win. I didn’t do it but guilty as charged. However if you call me elf one more time…

Nope, I do not accept one sided triangular communication any longer. Because here is the deal, it doesn’t go well and the truth almost always isn’t included in the equation. Check please.

Good Lord, our angry elves are lost without Jesus. I’ve been through some crappy experiences in life but then again haven’t we all. That’s not the point, the point is Jesus helps us get our future crap together. I will not take on the tabs of others but I can certainly work on my own angry elf. Which usually means a more critical emotion needs to be dealt with instead. In this case, my tribe. We become like the people we spend our most time with, choose wisely. But once we do, speak the truth and love them hard. One sided tabs are not okay, it drives in fear. Be the kind of person who diffuses, not adds the fuel.

I’m a fixer, I’m definitely a fixer and it has gotten me in trouble more times than I care to count because I’ve failed to fix many things without Jesus. Not anymore.


Just to humor myself though because it’s the only way I know how to laugh about life’s messy moments, I willingly take all the blame. I didn’t do it but even if I did, the favorite tshirt covers us…

Margaritas made me do it. Momma’s, we got this. You see, my tshirt and I can’t fix most things but Jesus can. That’s how we slay girls. That’s how we do.

This week is my light hearted reminder: Not perfect but my Angry Elf is Forgiven by Jesus. The pigtails are an entirely different topic all together but totally supports slay time. In this case, sporadic yet fierce NOLA thunderstorms were not getting the best of margaritaville.

We just have to laugh about the messes, it’s much better than staying stuck as angry elf. The only other thing to say is this; some will seek truth and others will not however, not in our control. All the more reason to have Jesus at the top of our tribe list. ❤️

Loved By Grace,