A Beautiful Hot Mess



Life With A Ten Year Old Man

A madhouse run by a tiny arm you’ve created yourself…hashtag #MOTHERHOOD

Ladies, Momma’s, may the force be with us all. Lol!

Low In Productivity High In Messy

Welcome to motherhood, where we all figure out nothing goes as planned. Sometimes daily. LOL!

Which is why I love my Momma group and the fact that we have no problem sharing our messes then laughing hysterically about them. Duck tape the snow pants to the boots, the gloves to the wrist equals play outside for hours longer…Buy the fancy tape at Target with puppies on it and those kids are all in. Who knew? Oh my, that was the funniest story last week! I needed more today.

But…the ten year old had other things in mind, starting with the 3 AM wake up call. A mess indeed, oh the life of any Mom. We can’t have a schedule and just when we think we can, they will blow that plan right out the door.

I just read a fellow blog post about not rushing through the seasons of life. That was a great read for me this morning because there will come a day when I miss 3 AM and this child will be grown. I might not miss the mess but I will miss a ten year old looking up at me for reassurance that everything is going to be alright.  And then I realize over and over again that my role as Mom is that light of Jesus for him. It is a responsibility and a blessing never to be taken lightly.

Motherhood is something I would never sacrifice in a million lifetimes. It comes first and will always come first right in line after Jesus. My children know it does not matter what Mom has going on in her life because if they need me, they get me. No question it could be any other way. My job(s), activities, school, groups, people, other responsibilities are all important, yes this is for sure.  But never more important than taking care of them.

Sometimes it can feel like this business of motherhood is low in productivity, high in messy results. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth because with Jesus first, we are showing our children how to love and be loved as Christ loves us. So I’m home today with a sick child and we are doing nothing. Well I’m doing nothing and he is watching an animated show…😉 But am I really doing nothing or am I doing more than I ever could with any other form of productivity?

He is not sharing me today so I’m not writing much longer other than to say this…

No rushing necessary.  We are all a mess and it is beautiful so enjoy the ride! If we have to have some wine, so be it. Our MOPS motto right there girls! I’m going to try ten cups of coffee, messy hair don’t care first HA!

Loved By Grace,


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