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Sidewalk Prophets – You Love Me Anyway

My name is Aimee. I’m such a beautiful hot mess that I decided to make a whole blog dedicated to my lifetime of messes.  I’m tired of seeing everyone’s highlight reels.  I’m tired of seeing my highlight reel. Boy have I wrestled with God on it. You know, the packaged princess that everyone seems to see of me.  My closest friends call me “the princess” because I’ve perfected it so well.  Years of practice I suppose along with the world telling me what I should or shouldn’t be. I’ve delivered perfectly. That is until my beautiful hot messes show up…

Lord have mercy on my beautiful hot mess. Thank God for Jesus!  We all need Jesus as one of my besties would say. 🙂

So while we’re here, let’s all be honest.  I’ll start. I’m unlearning and breaking down all of the boxes that perfected this “princess” so that the only box left is the me I’ve protected from the bleeding of my life.  The bleeding that started in childhood and how I learned to keep myself in a very safe box.  It is scary as a hell to take a long hard look at that safe box or share any of this me!  When I do is precisely when the pain in my chest rears its ugly head. Especially fun times when it’s a full on panic attack.  So much totally stinks at it sometimes.  Ugh!  I hate her.  Whoa, that is some majorly awesome judging about myself. I LOVE shopping though so I suppose a little princess does exist in the safe box.  I’m getting better peeling the rest off of me with each passing day which is why I started this blog. To hold myself accountable.

The truth is not a single one of us could ever repay our hot messes.  Nor could we ever repay our blessings either. Our messes and blessings can be a chain of events intertwined with other people’s messes and blessings. We’re all in this together.  And you know what? We aren’t asked to repay them!  Ahhhhh! When we get hold of that truth everything changes.  So please, let’s stop saying Jesus hates people. Grace has won all of it.  Every last ounce of it.

We all have a unique story.  I know it is taboo to admit but you know damn well it includes the highlight reel AND the hot mess.  I’ve had enough of it especially when I log in Facebook and see a friend with kids at my kids school sharing funeral arrangements for her sister-in-law who just died from addiction.  They didn’t know she was struggling.  Perhaps she only showed her highlight reel because this world does an amazingly good job of judging. Heartbreaking.

Seems as though there is always something to judge. I for one tend to judge super judgemental peeps then I’m judged for judging and super judgey peeps carry right on judging. And…I’m judging the judging. Ugh! What a mess I can get myself in to with this cycle. The point is we all get an A+ in this subject. I’ve challenged myself to strive for an E which is impossible to obtain without my Jesus.  That’s my Jesus, do the opposite of what made sense to the religious leaders of His day. They said A, He says E. I’ll strive for E. ❤️

Here I can be real and you can be real.  You don’t have to worry about my speaking names or judging names on this forum. I’m just writing about my messes.  If you were in any of my messes I’m so sorry!  Jesus loves me anyway.  Yay!  So if  I’m not being real, please call me on it! With kindness is my only rule or don’t say anything at all. Especially on the Internet!  Unkind words kill peeps.  Please keep in mind this real deal thing is a work in progress for me.  So I’m not going to unload all of it overnight.

Be a real beautiful hot mess with me. That’s all God asks of us!

Loved by Grace,