There’s a kind of love God only knows.

They are running around somewhere out there, still believing they are unlovable. But if they ever discover the real truth – how dearly and deeply they are loved by God, and how they sabotage it, that realization would be even more devastating. Eternally devastating. Which is why I pray something, somewhere makes it stop.

Because God thinks they are incredible, beautiful, intelligent, deep and has limitless potential. But pieces of a disorder sees something entirely different in the mirror, so the person it chooses may only scratch the surface of that potential.

At risk for always believing everyone abandons them and no one can love them. Even God. It means they may continue hurting those who try…or be hurt by those who confront those parts of them. Even God.

Spiritual strength they don’t have fighting against a disorder that takes from them and every person who can lose themselves trying – and as sad as that seems, I’m okay with it.

What I’m not okay with is an eternal soul at stake from a disorder that lies to the mind.

There comes a point when you realize God is the only one who can perform a miracle in a person’s life because He is the only one who will not get lost.

It is the most horrifying tragedy I’ve ever witnessed with the most beautiful souls I’ve ever experienced.

Loved By Grace,