We can either walk in the flow of God’s power or out of it. We don’t have to fight an uphill battle on our own to live good and pure lives. We don’t have to exhaust ourselves as we try to muster up as much goodness as we possibly can. The Christian life has never been about what we can do in our own power. It’s about fully stepping into the grace-filled flow of His power.

I found myself needing extra Jesus today as I finish out the week. I can never forget that I need to fuel up myself before I can help others. Because that’s precisely when the doubt creeps in and the million questions follow constantly rolling around in my brain. It always comes back to this: Do I handle myself in this world like Jesus would handle it? I’m trying as hard as I can Jesus but is it enough? It doesn’t feel like enough.

Thank you for the reminder this morning Jesus. Needed it. ❤️

Every day I’m faced with this truth at work. The day may go well or it may be a mess. Another child of God may decide to hurt others, hurt themselves or me that day as they learn the small steps of success. Their family has placed them in our care to do the hard work.

To all of the people in my world, we live this creed daily:

It’s not shocking that a disorder marked so deeply by intense emotional dysregulation is so polarizing. The truth is in the middle. Yes, many of us who love a person do not love the disorder because at times we have been devastatingly hurt. It is also true that those we love suffer unimaginable pain. That doesn’t excuse how they’ve hurt us, but some of us – including me – can also recognize all the good in those we love and understand that how they hurt us stem from a horrible disorder – not because they’re awful people.

That’s honesty what sent us on the journey of learning. It is hard to understand how a person we so deeply love and at times make us feel incredible – can also do such horrible things. Honestly, the more we learn the more empathy and deep sorrow we can feel for the struggle and what the internal reality of that must be like.

Does that excuse or lessen the horrible pain inflicted? No. But it helps understand and empathize. We don’t hate the child of God, but do hate the disorder.

I would not be equipped to do my job without a deep personal understanding of this creed. No matter how frightening some of the words within it seem, God’s hand is in everything. Love you Jesus. ❤️

WE ARE ALL A CHILD OF GOD, NOT AWFUL. We do the work, we put in the time.

To my babies at work, to myself and to anyone who needs to hear it. Small victories are always enough. ❤️

Loved by Grace,