I knew it had been about a year since my last blog post. A year and one month to be almost exact. First year down, one to go. What a year, what a journey.

“What can change in a year?”

“Everything,” I reply.

“Even the people you love?”

“Especially the people you love.”

A year ago I was accepted to an ABA graduate program preparing for licensure as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. It was a whirlwind process to say the least but God has always been in complete control. One of my favorite aspects of this entire experience was how it all just fell right in to place. Almost effortlessly. Even so, the biggest unknown a year ago was finding a field practicum site. Remember how I mentioned God is in control? Before I had even received a list of school or agency possibilities from the program I happened to drive right past a Center on the way to my child’s athletic facility. It was then I immediately knew God’s answer to the prayer. Sure enough, there was the name of that Center on the list of approved practicums waiting in my email the very next day. Sure enough, I sent the application. The rest is history…nope just kidding but I am half way there! Only 27 more unit tests, 3 final exams and a killer BCBA licensing exam to go…Did I mention God is in control? Yep, sure is because this girl could not be accomplishing all of this on my own.

Helping write behavior programs this summer while giving the old brain a break from studying and weekly exams. This mind of mine? It for real hurts from learning at the rapid pace. Writing evidence based programs is making it feel all the more real because I’m not only writing the programs, I’m also using them with the kids I work with each week.

I’m so proud of them and the progress they make every day in a world that doesn’t always understand. They are my hero’s. 🌈💙 #lightitupblue

Loved by Grace