It's really quite simple. We are all entitled to our religious convictions. However, when our convictions have the capacity to cause another harm it is a dangerous space.
Our number one commandment, to love, should always prevail. But just in case it isn't clear, here is a more graphic depiction to consider.

Imagine this is your children being described…

If this is your children, bleeding to death as you're literally breathing for them, what is going to prevail? In that moment, are you going to choose love or theology? Because we know not a single one of us could ever attain God's plans in Genesis. Not a single person which we openly admit as Christians yet somehow only apply to some.

Nope, that is not how grace works.

So tell me, how is anything that leads to this kind of harm of God? Jesus himself knew idolization of theology kills souls and when faced with that choice, Jesus did not choose the theology. Why? Because God did not want an eternal world without His children's light. That is why he died and it is why he loved. It's really that simple.

When theology harms it is taking human life. The blood is on our hands. A sin which I might add…punishable by death. Doesn't feel very good to hear that though does it? Let it sink in for a moment.

That is not how grace works, it doesn't apply only to some.

One of those children who lived through the suicide attempt might have been the one you just delivered more poison to. This is my response to the local news article and the poison rampant throughout it.

Donut care, I follow Jesus. I really love the donuts Jesus, as in no school Friday. Showing up with this is us anyway.

Loved By Grace,