It is amazing as person's how we can so easily appear to have everything going for us in life yet be completely void on the inside. A void when left untreated, produces a life going to great lengths to be fulfilled.

There is a difference between spiritual beauty and the physical meaning of beauty. One is ultimately meaningless while the other is eternal. No matter how gifted, it's grace that makes it grow to its eternal potential. It's grace that leaves the legacy.

Things achieved will fade.
Things acquired will fade.
Things will never become enough.
Things return the void.
Hence the void remains.

Jesus has an amazing way of helping us learn to fill that void very differently. Because He goes about treating void differently and when we listen, the healthy fillers start presenting themselves. Before we know it, simple gratitude in every day moments becomes the fullness of the heart instead of things. A life combined of simple moments produces fullness and beauty permeating on the inside as equally as it's shining on the outside.

A life of moments is not concerned with the chase or the inevitable fade. Humility never fades. It can't help but pave the road of happiness.

In the end our bodies will die and with it goes the things. It is our legacy, the condition of our hearts that live on. It can't be bought, orchestrated, stolen, consumed or borrowed because it is eternal.

A beautiful soul may be a mess at times on this earth but it will always be a beautiful soul.

Loved By Grace,