To all of you who have anxiety like me. Sometimes you just gotta get out there and force yourself to live through it anyway.

This is me at Van Andel Arena which is just about THE VERY LAST place it feels safe to be frequenting in today's world.

In times like these…if I'm being honest… one hundred percent DID NOT want to be thrown in with a large crowd this week. Everything was screaming inside me to crawl in a hole and hibernate. In other words, I would rather poke my eyes out than be serving beer at a large public event.

Can I hear an A to the Men?

Crowds in general make me nervous not to mention the kitchen area is just plain gross. But in return I get to travel places with my boy and so here I am, making America happy one drink at a time. Definitely worth it.

What's the best thing that happened to me there? Realizing a friend was also battling through similar difficulty of the night. While this doesn't seem promising for either one of us, we both understand what it is like to manage existence with this thing called hyper-vigilance.

What happened that made me sad, frustrated, or impatient? On good days, the not so fun perks of the above are more than manageable. On bad days my friends, uber frustrating but not to be ignored.

What is God teaching me based on answers 1 & 2? Each day is still a gift. What we do with it is completely up to us because the truth is we are all more similar than we might think. Being honest instead of pretending a mess is not there brings blessings we would not otherwise expect.

Therefore it is worth the honesty.

Live in the present moment. Put one foot in front of the other and take the next right step at a time. Some moments will be a marathon while others might be a binge watch This Is Us kind of time.

Team Kate 4 EVA peeps! Oh how I LOVE this show! Perhaps because it's so much like Christ minus the ianity it's not even funny.

Love you my hyper-vigilant friend. ❤️

Loved By Grace,