Certainly many of us humans must feel nature pounding down relentlessly these past few weeks. I've seen many Irmageddon references and I'm not sure I can personally count how many people I love who are facing the path of the current storm. Some have evacuated already, some have not.

The potential destruction and the destruction already experienced is terrifying. What a helpless feeling but how worse it must be without hope.

Scripture warns us full well what to expect. Jesus spoke on this in Matthew 24, or Luke 21 as an example. Now, I'm not saying this is indeed Armageddon times but we are certainly getting glimpses of it. It's all right there in scripture. Not warm and fuzzy to say the least.

But what is also there is my Jesus, your Jesus, our Jesus. ❤️

It is hard to wrap our minds around how God can watch and allow horrible suffering from natures destruction but the fact of the matter is that is the consequence of our humanity. Death is all our destination, good or bad, like it or not.

But He promises life after the storm, triumph over death for those who believe.

We are funny beings and I willingly present my small little mind as exhibit A. Which, I'm now taking a few friends down with me from this story but we laughed at our conversation about this so I'm certain they would agree. Anyhoo, we were discussing a slightly irrational, not likely to happen, but could happen kind of death scene the other night. This of course around the idea of being blown up at the arena while serving drinks since the security was on a high alert. One friend said we really don't want that to happen girls but if it did we will be with Jesus and He says heaven is the BEST thing ever. To which friend #2 and myself respond that we aren't so sure and she definitely would hate to be toast without the rest of her family. Heaven can not be as great as living to see grandchildren people. Apparently it supposed to be girls. To which we all said heaven needs to wait, we just aren't quite sure Jesus.

Jesus must shake his head at these antics of ours.

Storms like this remind us heaven or hell can call any time. How comforting to know our destination even when we can't quite wrap our minds completely around it.

Prayers for the people in the islands already hit and the storm approaching behind it. Prayers for the south where the storm is headed and for our immediate family who are not leaving.

Our lifeguard walks on water. ❤️

Loved By Grace,