The end of summer has arrived and it was definitely time. The calm before the storm. Not that I'm always this way but this year I'm on top of it peeps. Three schools, three forests full of paper,
all complete and ready to go. This girl is ready to teach.

The children however, were in complete melt down last night. I've never seen the spectacle at this magnitude, where have my children gone?! This little guy up here was so upset and nervous for the first day of school. Ten now with a new school has ushered in a strange person in his place. Could it be from his deodorant, someone is smelling manly in here, not so little boy antics? But I saw little boy last night and he is still in there.

We had tears, we had nerves, we were a HOT mess. But remember our talk today little man? Mom can watch your every move on PowerSchool so that's comforting right? You can no longer get away with forgetting to turn in your homework. HA! What was that you told me about this…I'm a creeper. Lol. You want me to be a creeper. That's my job.

Then we have the kindergartner who literally walked out the door running last year for young 5's as fast as he could. Who the heck is Mom? Don't let the door hit you. Yeah, well that guy disappeared and in his place we had can't fall asleep because he just did not want to leave Momma crying and there I am multi tasking between two sniffling boys.

Good Lord don't even get me started on middle school. Thank goodness we tackled puberty fairy mess last week. Poor kid, you are going have to suck it up because these brothers of yours are in shambles.

This is motherhood my friends, you never know what you're gonna get! Many of my fellow Momma friends are sending their kids off to school just like you and me. Many in this tribe it is their first send off. For some it is their last send off. Either way, the emotions are all the same. Letting go of these little bundles of messes is hard. It is exciting but it is mega hard. This is completely normal and that is the good news of the day to every Mom in tears.

As for me, thank you Jesus for saving this spectacle that was my home a few short hours ago from happening last year. You and I both know I would have lost my sh#% in front of these boys, in fact I know I would have lost it. So thank you Jesus for waiting until this moment to test my faith because we might not have gotten out of the rocking chair for weeks. Those twelve short months ago, holding the baby's blanket, reading I'll love you forever would have been a huge mess. I may have adopted a child or a dog or a hamster. Okay, so we may or may not have done these activities in reality…but hey, whatever we Momma's have to do…do it. This is strength.

Mess is strength if we choose to see it that way.

I just prayed about this yesterday on a different topic all together. Nevertheless, still about children. Regardless, when in the midst of a mess, have we taken it to God first? We might still fall apart, lose our sh#% and cry out in shambles but we will always do it with Jesus by our side. Somehow that makes even the worst of messes beautiful and bearable.

Anyhoo, made the fifth grader remake the picture above and that got us back to giggles and I had normal funny little guy back. The kindergartner was happy to get the undivided attention and became less thrilled with Mom after the picture marathon.

That prayer thing really works. Sometimes it is at our expense but step up to the task. Because Jesus is the best, of course.

Now, I'm claiming my house back from Tornado T, Blizzard B and Hurricane H. The fleas are their own kind of pest and I can not love them Jesus. They need to leave. A big thank you to pest control with a little help God… on speed dial. They need to GO.

Loved By Grace,