Heaven help me, I'm officially a parent of a middle schooler. I've come to the conclusion that this stage of parenting is no less of a beautiful mess than any other clueless right of passages dubbed child raising reality. We just trade conquered messes for new messes.

Sure, my survival status over the next few years is questionable but for now I'm doing my best to act like I have it all together. See, that right there is no different than the preschool years. If you don't believe me, the door prize at our first MOPS is going to the mother who has dressed herself and gotten herself out the door. Yay Mom! You go girl. Now, who is the longest running non showered parent in the room? Congratulations, you win the prize!!!!! Yes, it is shining a light on the fact that we look like we have it all together with our non showered mess and all because this my friends, is what we call motherhood. Lol!

Anyhoo, messes are winners at MOPS! With love, your totally gets it, has it all together hospitality team.

Now, back to middle school because I'm a multi tasking kind of of girl which is just a fancy term for being the oldest kindergarten mother at the playground last night.

A little glimpse of our morning…It really could have been the scene in my bathroom.

I'm quite certain this is how the child sees me in this thing called adolescent motherhood. How quickly we forget laughing about those middle school photos of ancient times ago the other week. I believe the words were…why didn't anyone tell you how ridiculous you looked Mom?!!! Grandma seriously let you out the door like that? Yep, she sure did. Now, wouldn't you rather I look like this than you? That's what I thought so you need a shower.

That's it, I'm starting a new support group called the puberty fairies. We can use the same theme as MOPS and call it MOPFS. I have all the hospitality stuff covered except we just exchange dirty diaper for do it my way debate duty. You know, repeat, discuss and question five million times until we big fairies lose our sh*% kind of blowout.

Not to worry. I have lots of glitter & sparkles for quiet time and there is wine. With love, your totally gets it, has it all together MOPFS hospitality team.

Middle schoolers…be happy you have these puberty fairies at your service. We just might know what we are talking about, on occasion. Maybe even save you from a few of those embarrassing not so Kodak picture moments.

MOPFS friends…We know how to handle diaper blowout people! Which means we can handle any mess.

All joking aside, middle schooler was happy to have me by her side today. For a few a minutes anyway after we got through hygiene debate.

With that, here are things us puberty fairies want our middle schooler to know:

  • It's okay to be a kid sometimes and there is plenty time ahead of you to be an adult. Adulting is hard and not always fun. So be a kid, for as long as you can!
  • You will never admit it but you still like parents helping you with life. Go ahead and complain. You are safe so I rest my case.
  • You will win some battles but not everything you think you should be able to do will fly with this fairy. Be mad about it, I can take it.
  • So…no, you are not old enough to make all of your own decisions unless you are ready to support yourself. Here is the dance bill, lol. Okay, we'll be friends when we've survived this mess. 🙂
  • I will talk your ear off on the off chance I am not trying to embarrass you with my singing.
  • By the way, embarrassed by your parents prepares you to learn not to care what other people think.
  • You still like to cuddle and this is normal. Sometimes I need a hug from my Mom too and I'm ancient in middle schooler standards.
  • Nobody your age knows who or what they are in middle school. This my dear, is one giant mess.
  • Not everything feels so great when we are trying to figure ourselves out. This is normal and will prepare you well for adult life.
  • Not everyone is nice and middle school people can feel downright mean. The good news is that most of us grow out of it. Stay close to those peeps.
  • I promise whatever label you get or feel from middle school will have no bearing on what you do with your life or who you decide to become. Unless you let it. So don't!
  • See above…who cares what other people think. I know this is a hard one but it will serve you well.

Lastly, the Bible has some great stories of God using people just like you for amazing things! They are just like you. So, when this puberty fairy doesn't always understand you at every moment…know this, we will both live. Puberty fairies try not to fail but sometimes we will suck. Okay, we didn't always get to that dirty diaper right away either but we lived through that mess and we'll live through this too.

Dear middle schooler, when you don't feel understood by anyone or even understand yourself, know this. Jesus always does! So there is no way to mess up too badly.

Although try not to okay? Puberty fairies already have enough grey hair!

Loved By Grace,