Reflecting on these words today.

Sitting at the table listening to her describe the fear in a simple parking lot encounter. It isn't surprising, it is afterall what happens with flashbacks. One word…fear. But you know, vehicle rage is normal behavior so she should probably get over it. Thanks for sharing.

It is no wonder Susan Bro refuses to speak with our President. Sure, maybe there was wrong on both sides of the road here but only one took human life. The countless other spiritual and emotional injuries will span far beyond bruises.

A person got behind the wheel and accelerated that vehicle to inflict injury on others because of their own rage. Because someone opposed them.

But we should minimize, justify, excuse, explain it away within the confines of their comfort level. I don't think Jesus cares who was wrong in that distorted reasoning.

It's okay sweetheart, you don't have to be scared any longer. Can you hear a mother speaking those words today? And what about those not physically harmed? Fear spans far beyond incident. Flashback is a flashback is a flashback. Afraid is afraid is afraid.

Take as long as you need. Our God is bigger.

Loved By Grace,