Proverbs 4:23 – Guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

My daughter met a friend this summer and we were invited over to get to know each other as families, meet and greet so to speak. In preparing for the week and this lunch I couldn’t help but immediately think of scripture as it relates to the words of the invite, I hope you understand.

Not only do I understand, I’m completely on board, commend and respect it.

There was a time in my life when I would have felt intimidated by this kind of request. The self talk in my mind would have probably gone something like this…I will never pass this meeting test let alone this Momma test so why even try? I may have never followed through on the invite much less put myself out there as a family.

But God made us for relationships that are based around His word and we need these kind of Life groups. Without Jesus though, heck yeah I would fail! With Jesus, all is different now and with a completely new perspective. Why? Because not a single one of us could ever be good on our own doing. We all have the capacity for hate filled evil. So we have to be intentional about what we surround ourselves with…God filled or the latter.

Being grounded in this makes a world of difference. Once we replace intimidated with Jesus, well…everything changes.

Jesus could not bear the thought of not having any one of us in heaven next to Him! He chose the nails so we can surely be good with Him in our life. The invite however, is our choice to walk in a life filled of Christ or not.

With that, nothing about meeting new and different people is intimidating.

This family wanted to be sure though that we both understand the importance of this Christ centered piece and the question is critical.


There are unhealthy ways to accomplish this and equally healthy ways.


  • Lockdown – never let anyone in.
  • Wide Open – let anyone in.
  • Don’t let any help in.
  • Accept help but never give back.

Which results in keeping the most important relationship at arms length, Jesus. Either from lock down or misplaced priority toward emptiness, less abundant life, missed blessings, detachment from ourselves and the God centered life we are designed to have.


  • Prayer for God centered heart.
  • Read scripture every day.
  • Apply God’s word in our lives.
  • Allow spirit to lead our decisions.
  • Evaluate everything that comes in our path.
  • Turn ourselves over to God in obedience to His will.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of God centered community.
  • Keep priorities based on God’s word.
  • Trust God with the rest!

God asks us to guard our hearts so that they are providing for those inside its walls. It is also about self compassion which is done by letting in the pure, lovely, right, beautiful, and true and keeping out the negative, sin, critical spirit, and those who aren’t gentle with us.

Absolutely none of this has anything to do with the color of our skin or what we believe.

In the wake of Charlottesville, one question/statement I read in an article struck deeply in me. The statement was:

How many people have you come in contact with today that look or act nothing like you? Because this is where the real change in the condition of our hearts is going to happen.

Then…there we sat with our new friends having lunch together. My children and I being welcomed by an incredibly loving Christ filled Korean family. I could not help but feel completely blessed.

Christ filled hearts are the same and so beautifully different. Proverbs 4:23…the only discrimination of God’s character.


Loved By Grace,