1. Practice self-care consistently, without apology. YOU WILL HAVE OXYGEN
  2. Protect positive physical and mental space. YOU WILL HAVE PEACE
  3. Indifference to external reactors. YOU WILL HAVE AUTONOMY
  4. Release negative climates around us. YOU WILL HAVE GREATER GOOD
  5. Focus on life not on details of others. YOU WILL HAVE SELF-AWARENESS
  6. Accept problems have an equal solution & consequence. YOU WILL HAVE SELF-ACTUALIZING CHANGE
  7. See difficulties as the substance of growth and endurance. YOU WILL HAVE INNER STRENGTH
  8. Laugh every day, be a little silly. YOU WILL BE GROUNDED IN SELF WORTH

8 foolproof ways to stay positive all wrapped in this…PFA

Loved By Grace,