This weekend brought with it the experience of college life from a different lens. I’ve titled it the hat lives matter encounter and timely given my last blog post, keeping off stairs. I have to say, the universe must have been testing my determination in action and since I’m still laughing about it well…that means time to blog it.

To all the college girls heading back to campus. My dear sweet things, you just need more time to figure all this out. I’m not judging, trust me I’m not doing that to us. This is Us, College edition is coming from college girl just like you not so long ago.

Oh the thrill of the bar life scene and be seen. It’s all so clean but mostly obscene. Here’s to me who finally feels free, defying Saturday night no hat policy. A college girl I once knew would smile on cue and do what is told with what we should hold. Not so fast my reply is now…the hat and its scars are not leaving this bar.

I’m confident Jesus would say no hat policy is the most ridiculous thing ever… in the nicest, most loving Jesus way possible of course. Then again so are blanketed Muslim bans. I’m staying PUT until they kicked us OUT of this place was going down that night. Which happened and it was FANTASTIC! No hats but Mom jeans…they IN.

I just have one more thing to say….Hat Lives Matter. The bar down the street my loves welcomes hats, mom jeans of all generations kind of people. You name it, you can wear it. Go there and be intolerant of nonsense.


Loved By Grace,