Exhibit 1

Keep calm and climb up the stairs because we do so well conforming to rules. Without a doubt, life motto right here. I would like to think something I’ve improved on as a thirty something…okay forty something…but…not so much peeps. Big sister is forty today though…okay fifty today so HA! Nothing has changed, I will not keep off the stairs and I’m super happy with that!

The children who inhabit my home had a good laugh this week because I pulled out pictures of my childhood to show them this defiant Mother in action. Which gave me a good reminder along with a few other embarrassing pieces of evidence…I do not follow suit of pretty much anything. Nope, give me regulations about life and I will defy that logic, EVERY single time.

The stroll down memory lane started because my son wanted to see proof of sports in action which nobody happens to believe. So my dear boy, here it is in all its glory…

Exhibit 2
  • Take Away #1 – My son is like Mom!
  • Take Away #2 – Certain parents made my name a BILLBOARD on everything!
  • Take Away #3 – This mother gave this child the WORST hair cut known to man which I can say because it’s my Mom.
  • Take Away #4 – We laugh hard in this family so I’m happy to entertain with hot mess hair cut, this Cubby rocks.

By the time Cubby above got to high school, the princess was in full effect, in all her perfectly packaged glory. The kids reaction…whoa Mom, you do know what you are talking about with all that believe in yourself talk. What on earth is that in your hair though it is hilarious. The style people! I’m sure we’ll see it come back in to circulation next year and I will get EPIC  pictures. Oh yes I will, HA! Pay backs are you know what…lol.

Exhibit 3

Any guesses what those softball coaches and players thought of hair scrunchy girl? You got it! No way this girl will ever make the team, she probably can’t even throw a ball. Seriously? Go back to beauty school where you belong. And this is what you say to it children…You must underestimate what you see because Cubby is here to stay.

The rest my Loves, is history.

The point is this…Cubby can get lost easily listening to noise. Flock off noise, Cubby need not listen.

Go be what Jesus knows you can be!


Fast forward to this allstar champ and cubby. We don’t keep off the stairs, we climb them!

I love our adventures with Jesus. Until next year buddy! ❤️


Loved By Grace,