My daughter takes the August cover of Rising Talent Magazine today and I really have no other explanation for how this occurred other than the fact that God is in control.

To be honest, I’m a bit squeamish about the publicity because the attention on talent is just not worth it. Something we deliberately did not continue because there are too many people in this world who do not have good intentions. Sadly the spotlight attracts it like a magnet.

Celebrity and all its messages are not something to strive for in life when it amounts to nothing without Christ. How many senseless suicides have we heard about this year alone? How great is this kind of success then? It’s not for the faint of heart. Why? Because it does not bring joy to a heart to be lived as an object. That’s not what hearts are made for, they are made to be filled with God.

Honored to support Jaclyn and this magazine with a cause. Proud of my daughter and how hard she works.  The success however goes above to where it belongs.

To my daughter, Christ determines every good and perfect blessing. The spotlight somehow finds you and it is hard, it takes a strong person to withstand the storm. I want you to remember our conversation that day on the park bench. God calls us to love our neighbor. That however does not mandate us to allow everyone in to our lives.

Kid, you are tough as nails and it shows. Never forget who’s hands and feet those nails pierced. Jesus will always protect and always lead you to light.  Anything else is just noise and this is what you say to it…


That is what you fill your heart with and your path will be everlasting.

Learning new choreography to Try by Mandy Harvey from Americas Got Talent. A deaf singer, song writer tells Satan exactly where to shove it! Perfect song choice by her instructor.

Loved By Grace,