This truth came at me in several places the past few days and here it was again with this verse today.

How often we can all buy the lie that we are weak, not good enough, less than. The idea that God makes some good but not all things. It isn’t God speaking that lie and it isn’t Him letting bad things happen.  Rather we hear the false messages around us and give in to it instead.  Before we know it, we give up or sabotage our God-given strength in the process.

Witnessing this play out stirred so much emotion in me yesterday. My son and his team were in the heat of a battle and it wasn’t against an opposing team. That’s also a lie. It was a battle against themselves. Rest assured, the minute we start claiming God’s spirit in us is precisely when the great test follows because it wants us to fall back on the false answers.

I couldn’t stand back and watch this team bow down to a test that wants us to lower our heads and give up. But the real truth is the same strength that raised Jesus from the dead lives in each one of us and we have to fight for it. Because the lie does not want us to live in that strength.

I may have been a little loud, just slightly. Okay, megaphone loud…But I was not about to watch these kids go down without a fight.  Although my son did not appreciate the crazy momma pep rally…sometimes a reminder is for our own good. He stepped up to that plate with the truth and fought with everything he had to give it. He did not lower his head to the lie.

The battle is against ourselves, not another team. God does not make junk, He makes strength in His image. Remember that during the test.

That’a boy.

Loved By Grace,