You don’t have to look very far to find a myriad of books or websites on this topic. Often times with choice words more than those I choose to blog about here.  Which is why I’ve re-worded the image above in as gentle way as possible.

Books, websites, even blogs if you can imagine that peeps. Why?  Let’s think about this logically for a second. The words help people when authors bring to light disordered ways of thinking. Testimony is everywhere.  I can almost guarantee disordered thinking does not like not in control.

A perpetual cycle of despair at its real essence. This kind of thinking victimizes everyone around it including the person exuding it. Successful interactions are built and enabled on dysfunction. But in reality God’s child hurts inside as much as everyone else. Sad when we think of it that way.

There is no gentle way to write about this topic because it does very real damage. Disordered thinking is not enough for anyone and I wholeheartedly believe God’s word demonstrates this in scripture.

Six positives for every one criticism so here goes…

IMG_9320.JPGLoved By Grace,