“My special needs child.”

Said as though a negative connotation exists within this statement. Yes, I did just hear that correctly.

Fast forward to this morning. First of all, when I last checked, special needs children are amazing. As a teacher who has spent time with impaired children, they are in fact special but certainly nothing less than amazing. EQUAL to anyone else in a different way you must not understand. The correlation that they are somehow below is appalling and quite frankly, false.  We should probably come up with something else then shall we? Before I lose my mind and my mouth because I’m not Jesus.

Let’s use porcelain doll. Fragile, damaged, needy…therefore, less than yourself. A prize to be dressed up in a package you think a doll should look like, an image right for you.  Who makes a porcelain doll? Is it a certain childhood? A particular gender? Or is it simply traits of femininity? Something lacking strength. Less than whole…less than you.

I am not a doll to be labeled as special needs. I’m not less than you because I don’t fit your definition of normal. The very existence that makes the strongest of strong, is porcelain to you. Mocked, diminished, weak, wrong.  That other female you called special needs…is not that either. It’s just a part you’ve told her to play.

Here to announce, porcelain is nothing more than a framework long defined for others. It makes me wonder how many porcelain dolls are walking around feeling less than when these are the kind of statements regularly offered?  I’m here to offer some well-processed advice…screw porcelain. Play whatever part you want Loves.

That is called strength and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Loved By Grace,