And we know that in all things God works together with those who love Him to bring about what is good.  Romans 8:28

God works in mysterious ways, yes He sure does Loves.  My daughter had a busy time at dance this past weekend and I had a chance to see God working in many ways.  But one in particular hit me hard.  I was sitting in the audience with a girl who I had recognized from the store the other day.  She was there with one of my daughters classmates.  I’ve seen her dropping off or picking up at the dance studio but we had not met each other yet.  I asked if she was her sister, she said no she is her brothers girlfriend.  “You were trying on shoes the other day so you must dance too right?”  Yes, said she just got home for the summer from New York.  “Oh wow, that is so great, congratulations that must be so awesome! I know K started class right after Christmas, she is a beautiful dancer.”  “We saw her at team auditions, that is so great too!” She told me K loves it here and how friendly and welcoming all the girls have been to her since she came to class.  I didn’t ask but she then told me K had left her studio this year because the other girls were conisderably mean toward her.  “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that was happening but I’m so happy she is here and that she feels welcomed.”

Silently, my heart broke for this child. This must have been a mess for this to happen in January.  I know without a doubt God placed me in that seat, at that moment in time with this person, for a reason. To encourage, to lift up and to welcome with open arms.  To smile and say I understand and that must have been so hard.  I’m here to tell you this coming year is going to be great for her, I promise.  The girls in the picture above…They all have a face, they all have a name and they are all God’s children.  Just like the rest of creation.  His heart breaks when any person in the body of Christ hurts, whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter.

He places moments like this past weekend in our paths to show us how all things work for good for those who love Him.  He helps us be able to separate the darkness from the persons so we can see Him in them more clearly.  And then he lifts our heads up regardless of our past so we can in turn lift and encourage others.  King David was a perfect example of this in the bible.  Seriously peeps, he really screwed some things up in his lifetime but OH how God used it for good.  LOVE LOVE LOVE King David!

Loved By Grace,