To have something held tightly by something so that it cannot move or be freed.

Today it was time to shine a light on this phenomenon and this kind of illumination wasn’t what I was expecting it to be…to say the least. Morning coffee and prayer, You will show me what work is to be done today.

Eyes closed, I can see only the cross on the wall and an overwhelming sadness because I don’t want to let that cross down. Whatever I have to do to not have that happen I will do it.

Then comes the illumination. It doesn’t matter if I’m paralyzed in the night, this is just the way it needs to be when all seems to agree.

Then today there was Jesus saying to me, enough with the suffocation. Whoa, wait, what?  Waking in the night, can’t move in collision of dream to consciousness. Stares straight down in the dead of night.

To write then is to release with words. To illuminate then is to release with light. Say the words that need to be said in this safe place because you weren’t made not to breathe.

Instead see the cross as free. ❤️


Loved By Grace,