Beach is open for business!

I must have been meant to help out a nice older woman at Target today. She just walked right up to me and said I need your help picking out a swimsuit, my daughter told me I should get the tankini kind.  What do you think?  Will you help me?

Perhaps I have an inviting face, easy to approach.  I’m not sure because the same thing happened at the zoo even though I’m not Mike’s girlfriend. Or the time when a fellow concert goer approached me and said she was not in to girls but she might convert because of me. True story, I have no idea where these encounters come from.😮

Like I said, I must have no stranger danger radar.😂

Any how, back to the Target lady. We spent a good half hour refining my swimsuit consulting skills and she is now ready for summer. Bless her heart. I do love fashion and she loved my sweet voice. I like to call it the spirit of Christ. Or chipmunk…whatever fits. 😊

There are always opportunities for encountering Jesus kind of love when we slow down enough to stop for them. ❤️

No stranger danger here and I found myself a new favorite shirt.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Make it a great one!  🇺🇸


Loved By Grace,