IMG_7859.PNG Some of my first writing took place in the sand because much like writing, it is where I go to clear my mind and make sense of this life.

Unquestionably a place of comfort which is why it is no surprise I live on a plake, big pond called a lake. Avoiding it really sucked rocks. So I started writing…

How is it the sand, my happy place, this place of grounding found me here? I do not sit in the sand looking for something out of it.  It is my time closest to God’s love and I love to share it. Didn’t go looking for this here, somewhere along the way it found me.  Was it me or was it the sand it was finding?  A complicated sentence right there if one exists.

The beach is good stuff, this is true. Can’t really blame us peeps for loving this beach. And then we can all say A to the Men! But let’s be sure what we are loving. Okay good, I’ll start with myself.

I’ve stared at the sand many times and if this is closest to God’s love, then I choose it. Like I said, the sand is where I find myself, clear my mind, step away from the world, no filters. That is me, it’s clarity.

I don’t have many things but I have the sand, I have God’s love and there are memories to be made out there.

Fast forward to May 2017. Do not fear what we might find in the sand. I’m out there breaking apart this beach one step at a time. Another parable…😊

This girl makes lemonade on this beach. Cheers! 🍋❤️



Loved By Grace,