Most people who know me well will tell you what you see is what you get but along with that comes raw honesty.  Not the kind where so and so asks so and so what Aimee thinks or does about such and such.  No, that right there is a different kind of what you see is what you get hot mess.  I’m talking about the kind where when asked a direct question, my only instinct is to answer first of all and answer honestly.  Sometimes… the truth bites.

Perhaps I’m too honest for my own detrimental good?  Should I just not answer?  Jesus didn’t always answer, he used parables.  Hmm, that is interesting.  I need to work on that.

Let’s take last night for an example.  I already told myself I would be still, what I’ve been trying to do…consequently deliberately not writing much.  Be still, focus on what we can control (myself), give God the rest.  He can be quite comical in the midst of this endeavor, be still Aimee and while you are at it here are million examples OUT of your control.  Testing me I presume to give it to Him, not sure.  Well played though.

Any how, back to last night.  There I was being still, found a nice little spot to sit, enjoying the warmth and watching my boy doing what he loves best.  My son has many friends so naturally we are social with the boys and parents regardless of affiliation, you get the point.  I say this loosely because I basically said hello and then sat down by myself. In any case, along came some company.  While being still, out of the blue I was asked this question…”did B try out for the team we are playing?”

First, we have my mind at work which thinks to itself, “um, this doesn’t feel like an appropriate question to be asking me and is it any of this person’s business?”  Second, “what is the purpose of asking me this?” Obviously I wasn’t completely trusting of this encounter. But as I’ve said above, most people know if they ask me a direct question they get an honest answer.  “Yes, he did because we know the coach, he asked him to come but B did not want to leave his team so he did not complete the process.”

I was frustrated, no doubt about it.  Cut the judgement.  Been there, done that, no longer have the time or patience for it.  Life is too short.  Don’t like something I think or do?  Too bad, not my problem because we simply mind our own business.  You see, the people I choose to be around these days are real deal peeps.  True, it might be a little too much for some, maybe a little too honest even while kidding around but nevertheless it’s real. What you see is what you get, either appreciate it or move along.  No hard feelings, it is as simple as that.

Be still Aimee.  Okay, I need to get rid of the frustration in me and give it to God.  The rest is not my agenda to be concerned about.

I truly believe most of us struggle reacting with real in the midst of too many other agendas and how often we don’t even realize it.  It’s easier to judge rather than simply be still.  Perhaps these kinds of questions are just another lesson in being still for me.  As much as I would like to think being still is crawling in a hole and not socializing, being still is not really that at all.  Being still is learning to be in the moment, in the here and now and accepting it for what it is.  Focusing on what we can which is ourselves.  Why be frustrated?  No need to be, the answer is what it is and they wanted to know so here ya go!  Their perspective isn’t going to change my answer.

Be still, or in other words, be committed to the truest version of ourselves possible in that moment of time trusting God to handle the rest.  I can’t control why this person was asking the question and I can’t control how they react to my answer.  I’m not going to respond with anything else but honesty because that is being true to myself and God. If my honesty isn’t acceptable to them then that is for Him, not mine to internalize.  It also helps me be less frustrated and more understanding of this person in return, even if we don’t agree.  Maybe our perspectives are different, I don’t know because they didn’t continue the conversation.  Either way, totally fine.

Our worth is not wrapped up in perspectives because they change as quickly as the Michigan weather.  She is being great to us this week!  Next week could be whole different story though…you get the point. A parable! 😊

Loved By Grace,