I had a dream the other night…you know the ones that feel completely real? The ones that when you wake up, it is difficult to know whether it actually happened or if it was just a dream? Yeah, the kind of dream that shakes you wide awake, pulls you straight from unconsciousness right to reality.  That is of course only, after it sets in it, it wasn't real.

Kind of similar to what I wrote about yesterday…OW-NW. More on that in a second.

But for now, back to the dream.  I was gathering up all the amount of belongings I could carry and it seemed I was moving some place new.  There were homes all around me, I had left inside one of the homes with all these clothes gathered up, some overflowing because I couldn't hold all of it in my arms.  I was standing on a sidewalk in a neighborhood walking toward a different destination but the place I was walking toward didn't exist or if it had it was gone.  So there I was, standing alone with nothing but empty things between two places, the one I had just left and the one that wasn't real.


I woke up at this point of the dream.

Well then, wasn't that fun…NOT!  Okay Jesus, I'm wide awake and I'm not falling back to sleep after this crazy story.  Jesus, I really believe You have decided I am to function in this life on little sleep because every time I need to be ultra responsible, here we go with a crazy night.  Okay, it is just the way it is going to be I suppose because if it's not a child, it's my overactive nightmares.  Lord help me, I need Jesus to get through this day because I'm not going to make it on my own!  I made it through the day of course and we ended the night routed off the expressway.  The news hasn't reported any information about the driver's condition but it certainly didn't look good.

Back to the dream.  I woke up at the right time but not before feeling helpless, crushed, lost, alone.  The words, I have nothing but these empty things are profound in the midst of this dream.  I'm not sure I want to imagine this kind scenario in real life but it does happen and I'm sure it is a nightmare similar to this one.  What is the scenario for us? What was the scenario in that driver's mind?

Here is the thing.  It doesn't matter the details of a story or scenario.  Empty things can not be real, bring peace or happiness because it ultimately leaves us on the sidewalk. But the good news is it shakes us wide awake so perhaps we need those wake up calls as difficult as they are to endure.  Because they pull us right from OW-NW, when we cry out to Jesus, hold on to me because You are all I have.

I promise you Jesus meets us on the sidewalk, where we are and shows us the way forward.  It doesn't have to be a nightmare any longer. I'm praying hard for the life of that driver last night but I'm one hundred percent certain Jesus meets us at death when that times comes and shows us the way forward too.

I do not like having nightmares but it is just the way it is sometimes.  As long as we don't let yesterday use up too much of today.


Loved By Grace,