I thought this was an interesting perspective from an article I read this week. I don’t necessarily see it as an all or nothing deal but rather a continuum we choose. That is my best description.

There was a point where I was in between the two, OW (old way) and NW (new way) on this spectrum. There have also been times in my life when I was hell-bent on the far side of OW or better called, my way is the best way when I can definitely say the Bible did not make much sense. Or how about OW, others way.  Those have been especially fun times…insert sarcasm.

I suppose there comes a decision point on this continuum when we begin to make more choices for Christ as opposed to OW. We know it because we see a change and feel a change when suddenly any kind of OW isn’t so appealing any longer.

For me, the lesson of life is simply learning to follow the new way as best as humanly possible. When we become more hell-bent on the NW, the more the Bible begins to make sense.

Loved By Grace,