The other day I shared a song we listened to in church Sunday. I had never heard the song or lyrics until then and I loved it which is why I shared in a blog post that day.

So then we had yesterday, sick child, mess of a day…if you don’t believe me take a look…

Well then, the ten cups of coffee plan to make it through the day even produced a mess. I’m a mess, coffee is a mess, house is a mess, the boy is a mess. Hands up, white flag! ūüŹ≥

Ahh, this peeps is when I need Jesus the most and He did not disappoint. ¬†Here is an example of things that happen to me that I simply can not dream up myself. ¬†It’s no coincidence. ¬†So back to the song Sunday. ¬†Here are some of the lyrics…


That was Sunday remember, now back to yesterday. ¬†Okay Buddy, Mom is going to read for just a few minutes while I have some coffee, now that I’ve managed to get the liquid life line in¬†the cup and not all over the counter. ¬†I read my Bible, all my apps, my books, all of it. ¬†Every last one of them is needed for a day like today. ¬†It’s called sanity people!

I write down some notes…

  • May that truth sink in even deeper.
  • It is the Lord who saves.
  • Lean in to the Lord.

So first, we have the lyrics on Sunday and then came Monday…with the same words written on paper. ¬†I seriously can’t make this stuff up! ¬†The only way I know how to describe this when it happens is a complete feeling of reassurance. ¬†Then immediate tears fall from my eyes but these are good tears, loving tears. ¬†This kind of thing¬†seems to happen to me frequently.


A very good friend who I don’t get to see once said this to me…”Aimee, your life matters, your love matters, you matter…God has His arms wrapped around you and He is holding you, take comfort in that.” ¬†I don’t know if this person fully realizes how special they are to me and even though I don’t get to see them, I miss her so very much. ¬†A moment in front of her may have been one of the messiest, darkest seconds of my life. ¬†I was a wreck, every emotion possible pouring out of me and I could not keep myself together. ¬†You know, that princess package I talk about…GONE! ¬†I literally fell to pieces on her kitchen table. ¬†This was a make me or break me moment peeps and she put her arms around me and simply told me she understands. ¬†That is the light of Jesus right there Loves. ¬†I hope and pray anyone who reads my blog has that too.

Miriam and I had a good chat Friday, got my head space cleared, drilled in some more truths. ¬†I think the biggest take away is this…God’s spirit is strong in me and I can not separate the two because He has me wrapped tight in His arms. ¬†Even when I try to be still, He makes himself known. ¬†It’s crazy sometimes. ¬†I can’t change a lot of things about life but I can take comfort in knowing His hand is in all of it.

And then came Monday.  There is my Jesus, always reassuring me that He is with me even though I can not see, telling me to trust in Him always.

God Bless You & Keep You.

Loved By Grace,