IMG_7331.JPGWell, dooms day…wasn’t that fun.  Seeing as though I just blogged about one of my favorite apps last week and today that app was…let’s just say… intense.  WHOA!

I told myself I wasn’t going to write today, I was going to rest but this is not happening.  I am not leaving us all with dooms day.  In case you haven’t read it, the app tells us about the story of Tamar and her sexual assault.  Well…yep, obviously this girl right here has something to say about it.

Is it just me or does anyone else not give a crap what, why, when, where and how all of these people involved in this bible story went wrong?  Why are all the comments and questions about this?  I could summarize all of it in this blog post but I have no desire to tackle those questions to death.  I think we know the answers Loves, shit happens.  I covered that yesterday.  What about HER?  What becomes of Tamar?  I did not see one person ask that question on the app other than to say they feel for the injustice of this story as it relates to Tamar and how they relate to people who share a similar story.  Which is still good, it’s still loving.  But we need to go further.

Let’s just make this clear.  This is not a singular issue, in fact one in three girls/women today are just like Tamar.  I don’t mean to shed light on this fact but I want us all to look at these babies in the picture because it helps to get our heads out of the outdated bible and put this in perspective.  They have emoji faces because these are children, privacy is needed here but there is a point.  Do you see them? One in three of them…WILL be Tamar.  I’m sorry but these babies deserve better than not asking the question.  The standard road map isn’t working, I promise you that.

So what is my point?  Well, you can better believe I ask the question!!!!!! What becomes of Tamar?  Show me Jesus, show me the truth.  My notes:

  • Tamar lived out her days in the royal harem which refers to domestic spaces that are reserved for women and are inaccessible to adult males.
  • The bible does not tell us much about Tamar’s life afterward but infers she would be used as an object, unwanted, an outcast.
  • The people most effected around Tamar would have been intimately effected.
  • The bible accounts years later for even more assaults whose fate are not recorded.
  • There is not much information recorded about what became of Tamar.

Now, before we all go and poke our eyes out, let’s remember one very important truth.  This is an old testament story.  Tamar did not have Jesus simply because God had not sent Him yet.  I also have to believe Tamar lived out very real truths in her life that while aren’t recorded in the bible, does not mean God did not embrace her as His child.  I don’t know but my goodness, the old testament is a constant reminder to me that God must have been saying to himself…these were some great plans for these human peeps but it is just not working out like I had planned. I need to make some adjustments, I need to send them Jesus.  I think we can all say A to the MEN!

As far as I’m concerned, Tamar was altered and what became of her was in God’s hands and just because it isn’t recorded clearly in the bible doesn’t mean it isn’t clearly recorded.  Jesus came, He sought out and loved people just like Tamar.  He died, He saved.  This is not dooms day Loves.  This is awesomeness!

Jesus makes adjustments.  Seems pretty clear to me but then again I’ve been asking the question for a long time.

I wrote this down…Though they may try, no one and nothing can ever take away Jesus.

I keep telling y’all Jesus is the BEST!

Aren’t their emoji faces so sweet!  These baby girls are actually a million times more precious in person.

Loved By Grace,