IMG_7278.PNGPray First, Act Later, Then Drink Coffee. This is my life motto and I’m sticking to it!

So Jesus, our reading today.  Yeah… not what I was looking for but thanks for the reality check.  Wake up calls are always fun times, humbles me to say the least.

Okay Jesus so here are my notes.

  • Jesus overcomes our nature and gives us hope.
  • Might be quiet but never absent.
  • One action is always appropriate regardless of circumstance ~ trusting You with all our heart and mind.
  • Pride comes before the fall.
  • Still loved and precious to You.
  • Through the darkest of circumstances came the lineage of Christ.

So while we might reap the “rewards” of our bad choices for a long while, God will overcome them for those who believe in Him.

Even the strongest of God filled hearts fall. I could not imagine the fall without Him. Perhaps that is what our reading was teaching me Jesus.  I believe the words were something like how would you feel…

Matthew 8 is not just about physical illness. It’s about the self loneliness that becomes deeper, bigger and more harmful over time as it goes untouched. Matthew 8 is confidence that untouchable people are known and loved By Jesus.  What we don’t understand is that Jesus doesn’t make us reach out and touch Him. It is a choice, just as He did not make the man in Matthew 8 touch Him. Only when the man decided to fill himself with Jesus did that change.

Here is truth peeps…we create our own exclusion by not filling the hole of loneliness with Him. Gravitating toward those who do or in reverse, despising those who do, will never fix our own holes.

That is what you were reminding me about Jesus and helping me understand. I wanted the reading about boundaries and instead You are teaching me about hearts. That doesn’t mean I don’t have them or should not have them. But along with it comes the lesson on grace and all roads point to You.

I’m so thankful for the people placed in my life sharing this Christian legacy, praying with me, building strength and reminding me of Your truth.

Whisper it, speak it, SHOUT it. We all fall but trust Jesus.

And with that and only that, God Blesses The Messes.

Loved By Grace,