IMG_7100.JPGThe last time we experienced the sticky note phenomenon was a few months ago with some third graders. It’s interesting to ask my own fourth grader about this phenomenon because it definitely doesn’t happen all too often which is good to hear these are isolated incidents.

But today this teacher gave the smack down with the second grade class. These are seven or eight year olds we are talking about peeps. Oh man do they push the limits for guests sometimes but it’s all part of choices. We all make bad ones, this isn’t just a seven, eight year old thing.

My friends A & I were supposed to be reading to self, they had already had a difficult time during our morning circle meeting. It’s fairly easy to detect the ones we need to keep our eye on within a few short minutes of joining the class, A & I my eyes are on it. Back to reading…I see sticky notes flying through the air then there goes I who gets up to grab the last one from A.  Mrs. J had seen this before, this is red flag city.  There are no benefits of the doubt here, I will take those, please hand them over. My friend I is smart and does not protest.

Let’s all just take a deep breath because here is where I insert lose my sh$% on this blog but not in this classroom.  AHHHHHHH! No way does this fly with me. The sticky note says….we might be immature but at least we aren’t STUPID like…classmate…

This my friends, is not okay and I mean zero tolerance for this behavior. It is true, teachers don’t always catch this stuff happening which is a struggle, kids are smart, sometimes they stay a step ahead of us. We are human, we can’t be perfect at all times. But not in this moment, my blood is boiling.  I look at A and ask him if he feels these notes are an example of making good choices. He immediately shakes his head no, they are not good choices. Good, I’m glad we are on the same page with that fact. Now I’m going to be very clear. I’m not your regular teacher and I do not know this classmate or what goes on with them but they are not part of this discussion about them nor should the discussion be happening about them. There are no yellow light warnings for this kind of note, period. If I see one more poor choice today we will be visiting the office together. Are we clear? Yes, good.

A was completely fine the rest of my time with him. Did his reading quietly, no behavior problems. His reading buddy was absent today during reading with someone else buddies so I smiled at A and asked him if he wanted to read on his Chromebook instead. We were back in business people. This is good stuff.

Fast forward to this evening. Well wasn’t that fun today, I wonder what these little Dkers are going to have for me the rest of this week. I’ve spent plenty of time with them as a room mom but not ever as a guest teacher yet. This is going to be interesting but they know me so I’m already a step ahead of them. I don’t think we have to worry about sticky notes with these little guys but we’ll see how it goes. Mr. T, what should Mom be looking for, you know what kind of things happen in the red light zone? T says, well P dunks his IPad in the toilet. Nice! Note to self… no objects besides ourselves will go to the bathroom with us little ones. One step ahead peeps!  Watch, it will be my kid pulling his pants down outside of the bathroom getting the smack down in red light zone. Yes, that happened but not at school and Kenzie became a well educated four year old. 😳 We’ve matured since then, we are five, we are Dkers. You can better believe those two won’t be using the restroom together. Lol.

It’s always good to get a parent wake up call, humbles us, it’s good stuff. We finally get that it does no service to judge other parents or their kids because they all make bad choices.

I only have the utmost respect for teachers. We are on the front lines people, teaching the hard lessons of good and bad choices. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail and tomorrow is always a new day.

Just like Jesus shows all of us.

Loved By Grace,