Thank you for the reminder this week. I will do this in most circumstances but sure as hell not all, just the way that it is.

On this subject though…application, resume, personal statement, recommendations, licensing is a process of complete vulnerability.  Not to mention overwhelming, oh my goodness I can do this, we can do hard things.  I have already started it but I’m continuing to work on it.  I know this is the guidance Jesus, I’m listening but one foot in front of the other, one step is completely fine with You.  Okay, I procrastinate some of the time but there is certainly enough to handle in one day already.  I’m really happy I do not have to take an exam because I already meet that criteria, A to the AMEN! Thank you Jesus, because You love me and you must know it would stress me WAY out. Plus I’m old, this is not cool.  Whew!

We had a moment this week I finally realized…this is some heavy stuff and it takes a lot of strength to process not to mention time and patience.  It is going to feel out of control and that is normal.  It takes someone who understands and can help.  Crap, this helper is me isn’t it Jesus? Hence, stop the procrastination. La la la la la la, hands over my ears…okay I’m listening.  I think I get it, working on it.  See above, see all that!  Yeah, this is a process.  One step at a time.

As if that isn’t enough for the day I need to put on one of my many titles and get this chicha’s crap together for this evening.  This is not cool, my daughter is a tornado.  I’ve become pretty good at having her handle her affairs on her own these days but Mom still has to step in at times, especially when said chicha has school and the tornado is left to be dealt with by someone else.  Yep, lucky me today.  Found her shoe which is good because I was not buying one more pair of shoes for this girl.  OH EM GEE, Tornado people, tornado!

Rewind back to Friday.  I didn’t go for my second tattoo but I WILL be going soon.  Mostly certain what tattoo number two will be but I haven’t sat on the design long enough and Jesus, you were making me be still Friday remember.  I’m definitely more impulsive these days but I’m still a thinker so impulsive planner is what I call myself, yeah, I Am That Girl if there is such a thing.  Anyhow, loved my devotion today and one of these designs reminded me so much of it so it’s definitely happening. I’m finally sleeping a little better which getting over yet another cold does not help the situation.  This has not been fun and I really don’t want to go for my ear surgery again but it’s time.  Thank goodness I know that outcome!  Plus they love seeing my old crusty self in the surgery line up with the rest of the two-year olds.  Always happy to entertain with my vulnerability peeps.

QOTD ~ Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

It’s a good one Jesus.  Thank you!

Loved By Grace,