IMG_9120.JPGThis chica is so frustrating! Ahhhhhhh! Like I’ve said before, they are as close to me as a sister and while we are just friends, I’m for sure going to strangle her like she’s my sister.  At a time when life was pretty bleak she helped me laugh again and she prays for me all the time.

Nobody will ever replace my best friend I used to have, because my bestie is better than the restie. Always was, always will be even if I’m the only one who thinks it. I really need to work on expiration dates. Does not having an expiration count only when it’s in visual sight?  I guess I missed the exam when life taught on this subject. Can somebody tell me how to do that?  I need instructions.

Why Aimee? You are so good at not looking at sh$% you don’t need to see. The advice was good, it’s all good.  I like learning new things so this was good and I’m happy they aren’t alone.

Back to the task at hand. This pain in the a&% sister of mine who is pretty great too so I won’t strangle her for now.

I’m not going to let sista steal joy.

Seriously peeps, all of her friends are trying to throw her a surprise 40th birthday party and I’m the lucky recipient of getting her out of the house. I had completed my assignment two weeks ago…piece of cake. She was in the middle of telling me to “F” the tattoo lady when I smoothly interjected that after the tattoo lady we would be going out to celebrate this tattoo and her belated birthday. I got her to put it in her calendar and everything. Boom! Mission accomplished.

But then…some vacationers left their mouths or their phone notifications out in the open for this sista and now she is being stubborn. With EVERYONE! Ahhhhhhhhh! Apparently she is busy now, can’t make plans with any of her friends. Yep, she is busy having movie night in her pajamas. WTF! Sista is not happy friends are having a party for her because she doesn’t want a party. Now, one her friends did just tell her they are concerned she might have a problem so she may be a little sensitive. I didn’t say it peeps. The friend who said it, she is the one throwing the party for her! Must not have meant it in that way right! Shit happens!  People say shit they don’t mean or that you think they mean when they really meant something totally different!  Myself included. Sista knows that! You don’t have a problem sista! Hooray, party time! 👍🏼

Peeps, this is a person who has thrown a surprise party for EVERY last one of her 40 year old besties. Every last one and there are more on the calendar already! Um, aren’t going to have a party? I don’t think so sista!!!!! So be it if we have to drag you out of the house…it’s happening.

Movie night, fine. Church! Then you are going to church before movie night. Sista says I’ve become pushy with my new Tat. LOL! Okay. Whatever works. What time? 6:30 before my party? Yep, 6:30 but what party? I’ll play this game as long you get your ass to church. Okay, see you at 6:30.

Awesome!!!! Getting back on track here peeps.

So now I have to get this slideshow done with current day pictures to add with the  childhood friends posters. Hmm, those younger year shenanigans are pure entertainment.  Poor Jud, she had her hands full.

I’m not letting anyone steal this joy. And I’m not letting sista escape this PARTY! 🎉

Loved By Grace,