IMG_6367For months I’ve been avoiding this classroom. I don’t know, I suppose I was scared of the unknown or believing I’m not strong enough. Even though I could hear Jesus saying He wants me to do this I just wasn’t ready. But today I changed all of that and I finally gave it a try. The cognitive impaired classroom at school. Another first step.

OH EM GEE, these children have stolen my heart and I’m never going to take it back.  I could write a chapter and then some about each one of these babies and it has only been a day.

This morning, I’m so tired Jesus I don’t know how I am going to do this but I know I will make it, we always do. Thank you for helping me to finally fall asleep at 2 AM but it’s time to rise and shine.  Even if I have to fake it until I make it we are going to slay this day.

The start of the school morning was pure unedited chaos. I’m told that’s normal, they tell me that’s normal so we are all rolling with it. These kids are extra tired coming back from break, no different from the rest of the classrooms. The teachers are tired too. This is fantastic, I fit right in with the bags under my eyes and the whole deal. Awesomeness. See, I can do this!

First I meet Ale as he strolls in with a minion lunchbox and t-shirt. We went straight from introduction to a gigantic hug.  He thinks he is a minion so we speak minion and it’s a little challenging to  convince him of his human status. So stinking adorable! He is napping on his desk this afternoon, oh my gosh I can’t stand the sweetness.

Then there is IZC, who comes up to me with a big huge smile. I guess he goes from smiling to less than zero point mega seconds of full on rage. No rage yet for me today though. Those big brown eyes just stare right up into mine so as far as I’m concerned I don’t give a damn about his tantrums. I can handle the rage if and when it arrives he is just too cute to handle.  He’s resting now too, they need it you know because their little bodies are much younger developmentally.

Or how about JD, the little lady killer. His grandpa has taught him some moves let me tell you. If JD sees a pretty lady he lifts his eye brows to let her know about his feelings on the matter. After lunch, Mister eyebrows was in full force with me today. OH EM GEE, that’s it, I’m taking him home with me. Meet my newest son, JD peeps.

Isa, T, Gav…just wanted hugs all day.  Full on climb in my lap and never let go hugs. The list goes on.

We had story time this afternoon and I must say, all we ever really need to know about life can truly be learned in elementary school. What an amazing day.

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Loved By Grace,