Love this song and I love it even more this morning going to the Magic Kingdom today. The happiest place on earth. My grandma passed away the night before I went seven years ago.  It was rough, she was strong but she just couldn’t fight any longer. I wasn’t home to say goodbye which was horrible. How am I supposed to be happy and go to Disney when all I want to do is fall apart? Please help me Jesus. I know she was with me at Disney…without a doubt. She loved it too.

I passed by Zephyrhills yesterday and as always grandma thought of you. One of the closest souls to my heart that ever lived. Miss you, love you, until we meet again Nanny.

As for faith, I’m positive Walt Disney must have had an enormous amount of it mixed with whole lot of fail in between. But that’s what faith can do.

Thanks for these reminders today Jesus.

Loved By Grace,