Photo credit: @girlsavedbygrace

This video though…Me with hormones the other night which I think is hysterical because it was captured unknowingly while my phone was in my pocket. LOL! So although it is a video of nothing, totally will make for some epic taunting material when this child is older.  Myself, well I will just continue to laugh at myself and my pep talk on staying away from bees from my rear end. I hope I don’t always talk out of my ass. 😂

The funny thing is this peeps. Once she got out there and faced the fear she didn’t even care about the bees. She was just out there having a great time, totally patient which was shocking…apparently we can all tuck hormones away. LOL! But really I know it is because she realized that she loved doing this, she was relaxed and just being herself. Which I knew would be the case but sometimes hormones cause a mess before we even get to the good stuff. Guess what Loves? There really weren’t that many bees and if there were they didn’t bother her. Unless she started to get scared but yesterday was no fear. Just my girl, out of her box. So while I tease about hormone survival let’s just say my girl also teaches me a thing or two about life.

This is what it feels like to me too.  The fear needs to go, I can do it too. But I don’t have a Mom giving me a pep talk so I can be stubborn. Maybe I should tell hormones to give me a pep talk, you know, reverse psychology. I did change plenty of her diapers a time ago, it’s the least she could do. 🙂

My devotion today was about David finding safety in a cave which was productive for a period of time. But then there is also the time for him to come out and not fear the bees. Okay Jesus, point noted.

And now there is this book sitting here on the balcony that I just noticed. So I guess I’m supposed to read it. Okay, point noted. Working on it.

Peeps, bees are not pleasant but niether are hormones and plenty of other things but it’s life. But I know you are already there God so I can do this, I can step out of my box.  Just need time and a pep talk.

Loved By Grace,