Oh my, what a past couple of days. So, I’m writing tonight because I can’t believe what just happened unexpectedly and now it is going to keep me busy in the morning.  My morning time when I read and write, I’m missing that and now I will be gone, that is if I don’t strangle my daughter first. I’m actually kidding, I would never do that obviously but the hormones…the hormones people! Lord have mercy.

That beautiful hot mess of an eleven year old with my beautiful hot mess…oh my what a freaking mess. So, if I can just get both our acts together, we’ll be doing this tomorrow. You got this though, You always do.

What a blessing. I mean, y’all might have read a recent blog post, you know the one where I listened to Him? Listening isn’t always easy, listening meant hormones sat out from dance. And the girl…yeah she was NOT happy with me. Which was fine because that meant she was really just not happy with God. Ahh, not very much different from my own adult hot mess of a self. And He can handle it. But those hormones though…ugh I need a teenage girl hormone support group. Is there one of those? If so please sign me up STAT. PLEASE say there are one of those.

Okay, enough with my rambling. Jesus, I’ve stopped the momager business. I have zero interest in it, You know I’m so over it. I don’t go seeking it out and this really? Out of the blue again? And there is no doubt You are driving this wheel. I love Lexi’s story, I love this magazine. I love that it gives back to this Lexi’s health needs and that my girl is doing something she loves to accomplish that gift, giving another this joy. My answer is undoubtedly  yes, this is smack in my face Jesus kind of plans right here.  And right after she sits out? Albeit unhappy about it but sat out nonetheless. That’s my Jesus, you are seriously the BEST!

So on another topic. Loving my water time, my You time. And then there is this flashing light smack in my face, out there on the water, there is this light.  I see it and the color terrifies me. I keep trying to ignore it but it’s not really easy to ignore and I really no longer want to ignore it. Really? A flashing light that color? Right out in the middle of my water? Because we all know this peeps, that water is You to me Jesus. Is the flashing light on the same page with You? Not sure but I sure hope so. Because You leave the choice to us to be on the same page with You.

Then there is me, the beautiful hot mess of her own freaking hormones.  This box Jesus, I’m not coming out of here. The box is safety peeps. Then this on my water? WTF!

Well anyway Jesus, You know what I need, You know my silent prayers. I will walk upon the waters but sure as hell not without You.

Peeps, a little prayer that I survive the hormones tomorrow would be nice. Alright, I know there are bigger problems in the world but He cares about all of them nonetheless. Sweet Jesus, thank goodness because I might poke my eyes out. You got this beautiful hot mess though, always do. ❤️

Loved By Grace,