They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season without fail.  Their leaves never wither, and in all they do, they prosper. ~ Psalm 1:3

I sure needed this reading today, thank you Jesus.  As you know, I pretty much doubt most of my decision-making skills even when I’m listening to You.  So it is always reassuring when our morning chats are crystal clear.  You know me, I want blatant obvious, smack in my face, here it is Aimee kind of talks.  i know it is a beautiful hot mess but you love me anyway.  And, like always, You are the best…because You know what we need before we even ask.

So, here are my notes…

How Jesus responded to their anger, the religious leaders of His day who repeatedly criticized, manipulated, attacked and harassed Him.  And how Jesus responded to His own emotion of anger.

  1. When the Pharisees approached, Jesus withdrew, he left that area. ~ Matthew 12:9-15.  Know when you need to withdraw.
  2. The Pharisees demanded proof from Jesus.  Then he walked away. ~ Matthew 16:1-4.
  3. After the Pharisees picked up stones and came after Him, Jesus left. ~ John 10:39
  4. When asked a question of deceit, Jesus paused for a long time, silence.  Stayed calm, consulted scripture, answered a question with a question.  Basically, didn’t answer the questions.
  5. Jesus used parables or a story to get His point across when the Pharisees slandered Him.
  6. The Pharisees questioned, spit in His face, punched Him, slapped Him and mocked Him. Jesus silently accepted mistreatment.
  7. The Pharisees sent a crowd to arrest Him.  At the correct time, Jesus confronted in love by acknowledging Himself.  Be Yourself.  Jesus said, “I Am He.”
  8. While the Pharisees watched Him be crucified at their hands, Jesus quietly said “Father, forgive them.”  He prayed for them.

Most of the time the answer to what Jesus would do makes no sense against our way of doing things. God doesn’t want what looks impressive to people.  If God was interested in that, then I think Jesus would have played the games, engaged in answering the questions, gave them their proof, showed them His divine power.  Who knows, would it really have changed their minds? Not likely.  Those minds were already made up regardless of the outcomes.

Jesus wants people who press in to Him (although we are all far from perfect), quick to remorse and follow the heart and directions of our God.  He did all of those things and he was perfect, without fault.  Jesus followed the heart and directions directly to the cross because our non perfect selves…we are all worth it to Him.  He loves us that much.

Even though that kind of love doesn’t make much sense on earth, it sure as hell will prevail in Heaven.

Crystal clear.

Loved By Grace,