IMG_4527Didn’t have much time to write today but I did see this shared from a friend and I love it.  A perfect follow up to my most recent blog post, an encouragement for all of us to trust God.

Is the God we fear some supernatural, intangible, unfeeling entity who leaves us to our struggles? No, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. He cloaked himself in humanity, not sainthood.  Pain and anguish is something Jesus knows all too well. Something He didn’t want any of us to have to endure for an eternity.

The friend who posted this said she cried herself to sleep last night after a hard painful day. She just lost her mom to a rapid death from cancer. Grief is heartbreaking, no matter the circumstance. But you know what else she said?  She cried herself to sleep with Jesus in prayer.  Praise God!

That is my Jesus too. I honestly couldn’t feel more loved or more thankful. He knows everything about me and all I feel right now is calm. And ready for my faith tattoo adventure this weekend. He has the wheel. ❤️


With Jesus, hurt is only temporary.

Covered in His perfect peace. ❤️

Loved By Grace,