To that other woman,

I had a memory about you last night.  You know, the moment two years ago when you couldn’t make it to the kids music concert. How did it get that bad?  What a hot mess of day that was, what a waste.  For starters, you were under a lot of pressure, I get that. Trying your hardest to make a bad situation better and my dear…this equals a whole lot of stress.  So what did you do?  You guessed it, put matters into our own hands.  Where was God in all of this?  Yeah, we weren’t listening.  I will give you this, it certainly didn’t help dancing with the devil who is all too happy to lead us right down that path.  So now have a look at you… and it was only March.  That towel rocks though and I love those slippers.

My devotion today, God shows us all of the warning signs, disobedience left unchecked always grows.  We can not ignore God and hope good will come from it or that God will bless it.  Hmm, totally get that point.

Okay, so back to you, the frazzled woman.  To that other woman, this is what it feels like to walk by sight, not by faith. You had faith but it wasn’t very strong.  Rest assured, where there is faith it will be tested and through it adversity will introduce us to ourselves and it’s not always pretty.  It is so true and me myself and I well…we crumbled under the weight.  Before you knew it, there we were full of stress, full of anxiety, full of fear. A towel hair slippers of a hot mess without hope trying to find the good in something that can not be changed without God.

My devotion today, when we feel afraid we should trust Him and wait.  He will help us. Let go and listen.

I watched that annual music concert last night and just smiled from happiness.  I smiled because while adversity does introduce us to ourselves which isn’t always so great, it also brings us back to God.  I no longer feel crippled by negativity, by what the world says is good, what the world says is true, what the world says is real.  We still have our fair share of problems loves, shit happen at times.  Nobody ever said it doesn’t, beautiful hot mess right there!  That photo though…cracks me up.

Rewind back to March two years ago.  A few months prior I spoke a prayer to connect meaningfully with others, you know, connect with a healthy support system and I asked for God’s help. While I had faith, I wasn’t willing to wait patiently for Him to answer.  Now two years later, that prayer is not only answered but answered in so many abundant ways and with blessings I could have never put in to words myself or have accomplished on my own.  But I had trust Him to answer.  So happy when I finally did.

I still have struggles that I’m working through but seriously, who doesn’t?  Wonder who I’m trusting to handle it though?  You got it!  Ahh, Jesus you are the best! ❤️

Loved By Grace,