Caption This…How is everyone feeling? I hope we all make it to church after that weekend. Oh Lordy!

This my friends is forty and fabulous. Well three of us f’ers to be exact but the other two babies, they aren’t far behind. I personally know forty to be flawsome…it’s when we finally learn to not take life so damn seriously not to mention the children, old enough to watch themselves. Ahh, a definite perk of the wrinkles. Wait, what wrinkles? No way!



Happy thoughts, the original Botox.

Somewhere between thirty and forty, life over here for this girl got way too overwhelming. There is no need for this nonsense peeps. It shouldn’t have to be hard and you know what? Life is too short to be stressed.  If only I had figured that out sooner. It really isn’t worth it Loves because our fun, relaxed, healthy selves will thank us for it.

Jesus is good with fun and this right here, oh my goodness fun! My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.  I’ve certainly gotten in to some trouble in my lifetime but this isn’t it peeps. Judge if you must but then go have the crazy party while you still can. Ever wonder why retired folks no longer have a filter? They earned it I guess. Okay Jesus, sometimes we should all do a better job keeping our mouths shut.  But this is forty and fabulous no filter. 😊

At the end of the day the Lord knows and examines the heart and I sure love these hearts!  My forty and fabulous blessings.

Loved By Grace,