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Let go my soul and trust in Him, the wind and waves still know His Name.  This morning I was reminded of a moment from almost a year ago.  How far a year can bring us and how I’m looking forward to this sight again.

Isaiah 40:12 ~ Who else has held the oceans in His hand?

Very true loves.  So when we feel overwhelmed we can entrust our cares and concerns into His more than capable hands.  Looking to God as a last resort, or not at all, are markers of a destructive life.  How many of us learn this the hard way?  Oh don’t you worry, myself is included on that one but here is truth…God chooses broken people for His purposes.  If you don’t believe me, have a look at the list.

  • Abraham – was old.
  • Elijah – was suicidal.
  • Joseph – was abused.
  • Job – went bankrupt.
  • Moses – had a speech problem.
  • Gideon – was afraid.
  • Samson – was a womanizer.
  • Rehab – was a prostitute.
  • Samaritan Woman – divorced.
  • Noah – was a drunk.
  • Jeremiah – was young.
  • Jacob – was a cheater.
  • David – was a murderer.
  • Jonah – ran from God.
  • Naomi – was a widow.
  • Peter – denied Christ three times.
  • Martha – worried about everything.
  • Zacchaeus – was money hungry.
  • The Disciples – fell asleep while praying.
  • Paul – persecuted Christians before becoming one.

Oh my, this my friends, is one long list of a beautiful hot mess.  Guess what?  Not a single one on this list was too far gone for God because here is the thing… God uses hot messes for purpose.  He does not cause them, we cause them.  But Jesus turns brokeness into beauty.

In 1 Samuel 9, God gives Israel exactly what they were asking for, a human king.  God answers the prayer, Saul to be exact, a man who would demonstrate a lack of perseverance and desire to give up, he throws in the towel when trouble comes. Sometimes God allows us to get the desires of our heart so we can see just how hollow those requests really are. In this case, Israel got one big mess.

Which leads to a different point of the day.  God not answering us? It just might be His best because sometimes the quality of our requests…well they suck rocks.


Loved By Grace,