These kind of teaching days are just the best. Mrs. J. has received them before but only after the teacher made the kids write the notes. For cheating on exams…yeah that kind of hot mess.

But this young man right here handed me this note all on his own. Adorbs! What a cutie! I met this fourth grader before he was even two years old, still just toddling around the hallway with grandma, dropping big brother off to preschool. What a responsible young man he is becoming.

The class was actually not all that bad…they just happen to REALLY dislike writing.  Where all reason and accountability goes out the door and in comes the hot mess…followed by the dreaded recess tax. I really don’t like to teacher tax, I really don’t.

Ahh Jesus, that is so YOU too! And probably not a coincidence my devotion at lunch was about little mistakes, big mistakes and tax.  Little or big, sometimes it’s just easier to blame someone else rather than admitting our own failings. Trust me, fourth graders are skilled masters at shifting blame to the, made me do it sob story saga.  Oh yes, the elaborate tales of he said, she said can be entertaining let me tell you. But this young man didn’t do any of that, instead he asks to forgive them and come back again.

I have to imagine Jesus gets a smile or two from our elaborate stories because let’s face it peeps, we can all be experts at the “made me” do it game. It’s not just a fourth grade thing. But the teacher knows otherwise and when we are finally listening, says cut the crap. God wants us to do what Luke did today, to take responsibility, admit to Him we blew it and ask for help. To reach for better days ahead.  And when we finally get that fact the answer is I got you, just like I always do.

So Luke, of course I will come back.  Mrs. J. certainly knows what it is like to blow it, I completely do. But you know what, God forgives me so I certainly forgive you too.

Rough day or not, these are some better days.❤️ LOVE teaching days like this one!

Loved By Grace,