What’s up loves!  Happy hump day!

Today I could choose the crappy morning pity party or this kick ass reality right here. Where y’at?  Let’s pick NOLA shall we?  OH-EM-GEE, must say I’ve never been to New Orleans but this my friends, is about to change. Sure, it’s going to be rough sacrificing more time in the local scene but seriously, this is a no brainer.  And we can all say…hallelujah!

So to celebrate, I’m researching little known facts about New Orleans…

  1. There are no strict open container laws.  Uh oh, this could get me in trouble…
  2. A lot of NOLA bars offer to-go cups. Check please! 🙂
  3. You can even get your drinks at drive-through daiquiri shops. Whoa, these guys are pretty serious about their adult beverages.
  4. There aren’t really any basements in New Orleans. That’s totally fine with me because that means it’s tropical!  YES!
  5. The dead aren’t even buried underground. A little creepy but it’s all good.
  6. Frenchmen Street is way better than Bourbon Street.  Depends on your taste I guess. 🙂
  7. When someone says “Where y’at?” they don’t want to know where you physically are.  Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll be where y’at freaking amazing!
  8. Similarly, “Who dat?” is not a question of identity.  It won’t be football season so we’re safe with this one.
  9. Alligator and turtle are readily available delicacies.  Okay, that is just disgusting  no thank you. Not a big fan of bizarre foods if you can’t tell!
  10. The Uber situation is not great. Given #1, #2 & #3 above…I’m fairly certain there aren’t enough Uber drivers to go around this town. 🙂
  11. There are no counties in the state of Louisiana. Oh good because hell will freeze over before I ever step foot in a southern county. Oh wait, different State. Whew!
  12. Starbucks is less ubiquitous in NOLA.  Sorry Starbucks, gotta support the locals plus you get enough of my money the rest of the year.  HA!
  13. The city has a ton of famous residents. Brangelina is a hot mess these days but aren’t we all!
  14. It’s pronounced New Or-linz, not Nawlins and certainly not New Orleenz. It’s really not that hard to say, we promise. Got it! Hopefully. 🙂

Huffington Post Article 2/2015


Loved By Grace,