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Have you ever walked the beach and just stared at the ocean?  The waves crashing to the shore, one by one.  Or the the sun setting over the water, quietly giving way to the dark. Morning comes and the light appears, the sun always rises.  I could just sit on the beach and watch this for hours.  It is so beautiful, it is where I feel closest to heaven.

Studying 1 Samuel this week with devotions in Job.

In the book of 1 Samuel we learn about Hannah and the birth of her son Samuel.  Hannah was not able to have children which was a deep source of pain in her life but her faith was profound and her devotion to her Lord unbreakable.  She was blessed for it but that faith and those blessings were envied, actions used to remind her of the pain of not having children. Hannah was mocked and reminded of this void, the pain unbearable at times that she couldn’t eat.  But her faith never wavered.  Her prayers, her trust, her faith never ceased and God eventually answered her biggest prayer, a son named Samuel.

Hannah’s cry in her heart for a baby did not outweigh her love for God.  The deepest pain and heartache did not overtake or harden her from life.  She had joy because of her faith. Hannah’s story teaches us that happiness is a choice.  Our joy comes from our trust in God, the one who commands the waves.  For Hannah, her greatest source of hurt, her sadness was delivered beyond measure.  In fact, the Lord gave Hannah three sons and two daughters (1 Samuel 2:21).  Something I’m sure she never believed would ever happen.

Did you hear that? He CAN and WILL deliver us too for those who believe it.


From Our Daily Bread 3/7 ~ The most powerful Kings can not stop the tide from rising, not a single person can stop the tapestry of this life.  But only the Lord commands the waves.

When we begin feeling too clever or proud about ourselves, walk the beach and tell the tide to halt or the sun to set.  We’ll soon remember how small we really are.  In fact we might get smacked down a few times by some pretty heavy waves.  Or spend some time stuck in the dark. But here is truth…

THE SUN ALWAYS RISES! Just ask Hannah. ❤️

Loved By Grace,