Last night God and I had a gigantic heated argument, oh yes we sure did.  Big mistake God, huge, I have to go shopping now…A little humor for any of us Pretty Woman, Shopaholic Loves.  In my mind God and I, well we were having a come to Jesus talk and I was making sure my points were heard.  First of all, after a very unfortunate and unwanted moment I was speechless.  Second of all, He knows what I think about it and He knows my disgust.  However, I’m not God so the best thing I can do is give it to Him.  Oh but peeps, it sucks rocks doesn’t it. He is too slow! Yep, I told Him that too. I was one beautiful super mad hot mess.

Believe it or not, He would rather us be furious and have it out with Him than to not talk to Him at all.  So when I’m angry, you can better believe He hears about it.  I believe the words I screamed in my head were, WHERE ARE YOU?  When is it going to be ENOUGH?  How many more times are you going to sit back and do NOTHING?  An epic temper tantrum, no doubt about it and I’m still pissy today.

You can better believe I had no desire to read any of my devotions today.  But I still did because as angry as I feel, faith is knowing God is in control even when we don’t understand.  When we wonder if He is absent.  Truth be told it is in these moments when He usually speaks the loudest and clearest.  Today did not disappoint.

I’m just going to blog the steps of my devotion today and the words that filled my journal as I read them…

  • From our Daily Bread, read Matthew 27:45-54.
  • Okay, turned to Matthew 27.  Before getting any further, the title of Matthew 27 is Judas hangs himself.  Whoa, guess I should probably read the whole chapter.
  • Judas was a lover of money and covered it by a phony, external relationship with Jesus.  Judas said he loved Jesus but he only loved himself.
  • How many of Judas’ tribe are there still today?  Don’t be fooled by one.  Even still, Jesus knew Judas’s fate was necessary to fulfill the cross.
  • The road to the cross was as ugly, painful and heartbreaking as possible filled with betrayal, abandonment, denial and deceipt.
  • Judas was remorseful but he did not ask for forgiveness. He was not saved and he died a lonely death without eternity.
  • From First Five, read Judges 19.
  • Okay, turned to Judges 19 which is a chilling story about assault and murder of human life.
  • These were God’s chosen people living in God’s promised land with abundant blessings but lived according to what they wanted for themselves without any regard for another human life.
  • Slowly their moral decisions were tolerated and compromised here and there until it eventually led to the despicable crime in this story, assault and murder.
  • The final chapters of Judges account the consequences for that crime which was an eerily similar fate to Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • From First Five, more moments read similarity of Genesis 19.
  • Okay, turned to Genesis 19, the title of the chapter is Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed.
  • Genesis 19:12-13 ~ “Get them out of this place. The stench of the place has reached the Lord, and he has sent us to destroy it.”
  • Last read Proverbs 19:5 ~ A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape.

Whoa. Okay Jesus, I heard it loud and clear.  One thing is for sure…You got this. Slow as it might be in my small mind, You’ve got this.

From Jesus Always, March 1…

There are bumps in the road ahead, as well as sharp curves, ascents, and descents.  Without Joy in your heart, you will become weary and discouraged.  Joy is not dependent on the circumstances in your life.  It can transcend them all!  This is why impoverish people are often more joyful than those who have material wealth.  Sick, even dying, people can also be joyful when they’re trusting in Me as Savior, Lord, and Friend.  Seek to spread Joy in the world around you.  Let My Light reflect through your smiles, your laughter, your words.  The Holy Spirit will equip you to do this as you give Him space in your life.  Ask Him to fill you with contagious delight.

Concentrate on staying close to Me, and I will lead you along the path of life.

Loved By Grace,