Don’t get to see much of my girl these days  but LOVE when I get to see her at work. The topics she is passionate about.

That’s my girl. You are going to be one strong woman with a voice making a difference. I suppose God knew what he was doing when he picked me to be your Momma. You can better believe I will help you do life in whatever fashion you choose.

To my daughter, I personally think the butt across the street club is the perfect place to be. Might not be the easiest path but it’s exactly where you break away from the mold. You my dear, are the girls who will change the world.

The mold is made for small walls in a building darling. This Momma knows you weren’t made for walls. Neither is Malala and just look what impact God has done through one girl for a lot of others lives!

Your friendship with Addy, you are your sisters keepers and that is huge.  Some of us never get past the wall.  You my dear are already no where near the building. ❤️


Look at what girl up can do!


Loved By Grace,