…All this. Memes are slaying it today.

To my friend Johnathan, this teacher loves you to pieces. It was rough seeing you struggle at school today. Absolutely hated seeing you hide under lockers, four of us teachers trying to settle you, lots of time in with the principal.

You can be huge pain in the backside but my goodness, what an amazing boy you are little one, don’t you ever forget it! You have the biggest heart, it’s just infectious. You grew a ton since I saw you last Fall…you told me it must be all those ramen noodles. So stinking adorable!

Who cares if it was a rough day. You have so many great teachers helping you be the very best you, you can be.

I know you wanted to take it all back so you could have a good day with Miss J. but honestly, nothing you could do will change my mind about you. I have to be against you during the time you aren’t making good choices but it breaks my heart.

Ahh, Jesus, that is so YOU too. Because you are the best!

Mr. John, you still gave me the biggest hug before the bus came and I didn’t think you would let go. Pretty certain I need to adopt you sweet boy. Would love being your Momma if I could!

Betsy Devos better not mess with you or I will draft the adoption papers stat. #persisterhood

Love this blessing of mine. My heart is full.❤️

Loved By Grace,