My next blog post will be a full letter to the adult bully… For now this is a great summary.

To the adult bully, there are way more kind, compassionate and good hearted people in this world than not. People, who when targeted, turn the other cheek because that is acting like Christ. But your words, your actions, your entitlement to say and do whatever you want…they cut deep.

You are showing children that behaving in this way is somehow acceptable too. It is not.

Praying for my little A at school today.

To the adult bully, somewhere along the way you lost yourself in life. I truly believe we are not born hateful. It is a choice to endure love through the harshness of life or adopt hate because life has hardened you.

To the adult bully, you need help but sadly don't realize that fact or simply won't…Afterall, it is always somebody else's fault. It is not.

Make no mistake. Most people endure love.

To the adult bully, you are the fire that propels me to make a difference in education.  This is how I choose to turn pain into grace.


Loved By Grace,